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    Spring is here!

    With the end of March I’m happy to say Spring has finally arrived. My daffodils are in bloom. The tulips are about to break open. I even saw my first hummingbird arrive this week. I always find this time of year with all the fresh buds of color very inspiring. Now if I had the energy of that hummingbird and the inspiration of Spring colors – I could really melt some great glass!!

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    Philosophy of Lady Gaga

    Just this week I saw an interview by Oprah Winfrey of Lady Gaga. From stage presence to costumes, you have to admit she has a creative mind. So Oprah asks her, “Where do your creative ideas come from?”. Lady Gaga explains that she sees herself going down a hallway and there are many doors. She opens a door and it has a whole new creative approach. Sometimes, she admits, I have to kick down the door, but I know new ideas are behind that door and I must get it open. I so get that. This week I worked on getting these vibrant colors for my glass bead pendant. I had to mix many colors of glass before I found the shades of orange and violet that I wanted. It was like kicking down a door, but very happy with what I created once I was inside!!

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    Sacred Space

    As we visited Evelyne Boren’s studio and marveled at all her paintings, I couldn’t help but ask her. Where does your creativity come from? What is your typical day like? Without hesitation, she said that each evening before she goes to bed she gets a thought, image or idea in her mind and that is the last thing she thinks about before going to sleep. She lets those thoughts rest in her mind as she sleeps and the next morning she wakes with the beginning of her creative approach or idea. She goes to her studio at 8 a.m. in the morning and works till breaking for lunch and then returns to her studio till 4 or 5 p.m. When she is in her studio she views it as her sacred time and space to create. No answering the phones, no interruptions – just her special time to immerse herself in her artistry. I like that. I’m now striving to designate and honor that sacred time in my studio.

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    Evelyne Boren

    While vacationing in Sayulita, Mexico we had the thrill of a lifetime in meeting the renowned artist Evelyne Boren. We met Evelyne at a fund raising event one evening and she was so gracious as we begged to visit her studio. The next day we were giddy as we climbed the narrow path up to her home and studio. Her property seems to be perched in the sky with a breath taking view of the bay and town of Sayulita below. This photo is of Evelyne in her studio talking with another talented artist, my brother-in-law. I knew Evelyne and I were kindred spirits when I saw that each wall of her studio was painted a different, bright color. But what really touched my heart was Evelyne sharing her perspective on creativity. More tomorrow…..

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    Art in Nature

    A great deal of the inspiration in designing my glass art comes from the beauty of the wonderful nature that surrounds us. The sunsets in the San Juan Islands are spectacular and generated the idea for my glass plates entitled, Sunset. This picture is actually of a recent trip to Sayulita, Mexico where they have equally stunning sunsets. Watching the sun slowly disappearing into the dark blue water is just mesmerizing. The colors every where in Mexico are so vivid and intense – the homes, the signs, the clothing, the jewelry. Everything so bright and cheerful. An unexpected treat was getting to meet and visit the Studio of an internationally acclaimed watercolor artist on this visit to Sayulita. What an experience!! More about this talented painter tomorrow…..

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    A New Adventure in Glass

    In my adventure with glass in Taos and Santa Fe I learned to work with large sheets of glass. Cutting, layering and slumping the glass was just mystical as each finished piece came out of the kiln. I was hooked! After spending days with the very patient staff at Bullseye Glass in Santa Fe, I ordered my new kiln and a large crate of glass and tools to be shipped to San Juan Island. Little did I know – my adventure had just begun. A huge freight truck made its way up the long and narrow dirt road to my studio and lifted to the ground a huge wooden crate containing all my new purchases. I had to get help just to get the crate opened up and the very heavy kiln into my studio. Uh-oh – where would the kiln go? How to protect the walls from the heat? How to ventilate? What do you mean I need some adjustments to my electrical setup for the new kiln? Nothing is ever as simple as you think it should be. I am happy to report my new kiln is working beautifully in my very colorful studio. Yes, every wall in my studio is a different color. And yes, I know my studio floor is “banana yellow”. What can I say – I like color!!

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    Starting My Blog

    My new blog. Finally!! I am introducing my blog to the Darleen’s Designs web site. As a very private person who enjoys just melting glass in my studio, I have avoided Twitter, Facebook, Square something, and all the other social media outlets. So this is my best effort to keep you informed on what is going on at the Darleen’s Designs studio. Last year I rewarded myself with a month of vacation in Taos, New Mexico. It was a time for me to rest and regenerate my creativity. And what better place to do so than the art and spiritual mecca of Taos. This photo is of the entrance to the Mabel Dodge Luhan house in Taos. I also visited Georgia O’Keeffe’s homes in Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch. The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe was inspiring, as were all the wonderful galleries in Taos and Santa Fe. During my month stay I was fortunate to study with some incredibly talented glass artisans in both Taos and Santa Fe. I learned a totally new method of working with glass – kiln formed or fused glass. A significant challenge for me after 14 years of working over a torch to now try forming glass in a kiln. And what a wonderful new path that I have discovered……more tomorrow!