1. Archive: April 2012


    The Pilchuck Experience

    Ever had an experience that was so amazing that you had to pinch yourself afterwards just to make sure it wasn’t a dream? It was no dream….. it was Pilchuck!! I have had an incredible learning experience at Pilchuck Glass School. This innovative and comprehensive glass school was founded in 1971 by Dale Chihuly and patrons Anne & John Hauberg. Through the vision of world famous artist Dale Chihuly, artists and instructors from all over the world travel to this glass mecca of learning. More on Pilchuck to come…..

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    Tulip Time

    Spring – what a wonderful time of the year. My tulips are beginning to pop open and share their beauty. As I took this close up picture of this rich red tulip, I marveled at the paintbrush Mother Nature uses even on the detail inside this tulip. The scalloped black design with outlines of yellow on the inside, punctuated by the tall stamen. I’ve given up trying to copy Mother Nature’s artistry in glass. My goal now is to simply interpret with glass the beauty that surrounds me.

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    The Silversmith

    This is one of the working spaces of silversmiths I visited in Mexico. Their silver jewelry was magnificent. And I enjoyed even more seeing their work spaces. Like my own glass studio, I could see they had their favorite tools, and each work space was different and setup as the artist preferred. It’s a magical space where the mind and hands of the artist combine to create such beauty. It was a wonderful experience to visit these very talented silversmiths in Mexico. I am now incorporating their wonderful silver artistry with my glass beads.

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    Happy Easter

    This radiant art was a colorful back lighted wall of glass I found recently on a trip to Mexico. In addition to glass art, I was thrilled to visit with talented silversmiths. I was able to purchase wonderful artisan silver to be incorporated with my glass art into jewelry. Each of us has our own individual creative talents. I hope on this beautiful day you are able to enjoy yours!