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    Getting Organized!

    Ever feel overwhelmed by your work load? Well I have the past week. I’ve enjoyed all my educational experiences at Pilchuck and at Bullseye Glass in Portland. But now it’s time to get down to work and the backlog of orders that need to be taken care of!! So what do I do when I get overwhelmed by the work load? I get organized. This is a picture of the new shelves in the studio for my glass frit and powders. These jars were spread all over my work table, the floor, and on the window shelf. Ah, now I feel better!

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    Bullseye Glass

    I just returned from a wonderful trip to Portland, Oregon. The purpose of the trip was to take another class at Bullseye Glass in glass fusing and slumping. The staff at Bullseye are incredible!! And my teacher, Bonnie Celeste, was very organized and patiently provided the technical detail that added to the creative learning environment. This picture is of the Bullseye showroom – where I spent a lot of time shopping for glass. Like everything at Bullseye, their showroom is well organized and beautiful. Wish I could say the same for my studio right now!!

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    Bigger Torch

    While at Pilchuck I had the opportunity to watch artist Isis Ray demonstrate making a tulip murrini. Check out the size of her torch flame!! I am the proud owner of three torches. But still I have torch lust!! I need a bigger torch!! Ah, the challenge for all artists — our tools. Always wanting bigger and better.

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    Pilchuck’s Hot Shop

    Glass blowers from over 62 countries travel to Pilchuck to work in this open-walled “hot shop” with renowned glass artisans such as Lino Tagliapietra and Dante Marioni. While I was at Pilchuck this week I was serenaded by the roar of the furnaces in this energetic and rustic setting as they geared up for the summer season of artists teaching artists.