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    Kiln Blues

    Some times we have to be reminded how dependent we are on our equipment. My newest kiln, purchased last year, malfunctioned this week. I was in a panic. Right at the start of my busiest time of the year my kiln for glass fusing doesn’t work! After multiple calls to Paragon, the manufacturer of the kiln, and a visit from my electrician, we determined the relay to one of the elements was not working. I have had to learn more about the interworkings of my kiln than I ever wanted to know! This week has been like having a close friend be very sick. I missed that familiar click of the relay turning off and on as it allowed the slow temperature change in my kiln. But good news, the new relay should be arriving in the next day or so and my friend – the kiln – and I will be up and working again.

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    Studio Tour

    Thanks to all who visited my studio during last weekend’s San Juan Island Artists Studio Tour. I met so many wonderful new people and loved telling about the lampwork and fused glass processes. While most of the year I work alone in the studio creating designs that appeal to me, it is always rewarding to hear from others how they see my glass art.