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    Big to Little Glass

    The options with glass are endless. Newly added to my line of fused glass are these colorful glass nail files. They last a lifetime and are very durable. I love the sparkle and bling of the dichroic glass decoration at the top!! A girl can never have enough bling!!

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    Kiln Blues

    Some times we have to be reminded how dependent we are on our equipment. My newest kiln, purchased last year, malfunctioned this week. I was in a panic. Right at the start of my busiest time of the year my kiln for glass fusing doesn’t work! After multiple calls to Paragon, the manufacturer of the kiln, and a visit from my electrician, we determined the relay to one of the elements was not working. I have had to learn more about the interworkings of my kiln than I ever wanted to know! This week has been like having a close friend be very sick. I missed that familiar click of the relay turning off and on as it allowed the slow temperature change in my kiln. But good news, the new relay should be arriving in the next day or so and my friend – the kiln – and I will be up and working again.

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    Getting Organized!

    Ever feel overwhelmed by your work load? Well I have the past week. I’ve enjoyed all my educational experiences at Pilchuck and at Bullseye Glass in Portland. But now it’s time to get down to work and the backlog of orders that need to be taken care of!! So what do I do when I get overwhelmed by the work load? I get organized. This is a picture of the new shelves in the studio for my glass frit and powders. These jars were spread all over my work table, the floor, and on the window shelf. Ah, now I feel better!

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    Bullseye Glass

    I just returned from a wonderful trip to Portland, Oregon. The purpose of the trip was to take another class at Bullseye Glass in glass fusing and slumping. The staff at Bullseye are incredible!! And my teacher, Bonnie Celeste, was very organized and patiently provided the technical detail that added to the creative learning environment. This picture is of the Bullseye showroom – where I spent a lot of time shopping for glass. Like everything at Bullseye, their showroom is well organized and beautiful. Wish I could say the same for my studio right now!!

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    Art in Nature

    A great deal of the inspiration in designing my glass art comes from the beauty of the wonderful nature that surrounds us. The sunsets in the San Juan Islands are spectacular and generated the idea for my glass plates entitled, Sunset. This picture is actually of a recent trip to Sayulita, Mexico where they have equally stunning sunsets. Watching the sun slowly disappearing into the dark blue water is just mesmerizing. The colors every where in Mexico are so vivid and intense – the homes, the signs, the clothing, the jewelry. Everything so bright and cheerful. An unexpected treat was getting to meet and visit the Studio of an internationally acclaimed watercolor artist on this visit to Sayulita. What an experience!! More about this talented painter tomorrow…..

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    Starting My Blog

    My new blog. Finally!! I am introducing my blog to the Darleen’s Designs web site. As a very private person who enjoys just melting glass in my studio, I have avoided Twitter, Facebook, Square something, and all the other social media outlets. So this is my best effort to keep you informed on what is going on at the Darleen’s Designs studio. Last year I rewarded myself with a month of vacation in Taos, New Mexico. It was a time for me to rest and regenerate my creativity. And what better place to do so than the art and spiritual mecca of Taos. This photo is of the entrance to the Mabel Dodge Luhan house in Taos. I also visited Georgia O’Keeffe’s homes in Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch. The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe was inspiring, as were all the wonderful galleries in Taos and Santa Fe. During my month stay I was fortunate to study with some incredibly talented glass artisans in both Taos and Santa Fe. I learned a totally new method of working with glass – kiln formed or fused glass. A significant challenge for me after 14 years of working over a torch to now try forming glass in a kiln. And what a wonderful new path that I have discovered……more tomorrow!