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    Bucket List Accomplishment

    Have you recently had the opportunity to check something off your bucket list? Well, I did! What an experience working at the Pilchuck Annual Auction in Seattle this October. The glass art – blown, fused, lampwork – was the finest in the world. It was inspiring. And, my bucket list experience? Meeting in person the glass artist who started Pilchuck in the early 1970’s. Do you recognize him?

    What a thrill for me. And….I purchased an auction item. Stay tuned and I’ll share a picture of my newly purchased glass art in my next blog. Check something off your bucket list this week!

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    The color of Fall

    I love the Fall season. All the brilliant reds, oranges, yellows as the trees provide a wonderful backdrop against the blue sky. The beautiful patterns the leaves make as they gather in a puzzle of color on the ground. And with this Fall 2013, I am working full time in my studio with my glass. Now that the rush of summer is over I have time to experiment with color and designs in glass. Today I will pull out my frit and powders of glass in the Fall colors and see what inspiration they bring to capture the natural beauty that surrounds me on peaceful San Juan Island. Happy Fall !


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    Red Rodie

    I love my beautiful red rhododendron in my garden. It brings me such joy just to relax in the garden and watch the sunshine highlight all the clusters of the rich red blossoms. This past month has been full of worry for relatives in Oklahoma seeking shelter from the tornados, and relatives and friends in Colorado enduring massive wild fires. So when the fear and worry overtake me, I seek the peace and beauty of my garden. Nature can be fierce and ugly – but I need to take more time to see its beauty. Good morning my beautiful Red Rodie.


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    Spirit Bear

    My sister is a very talented silversmith and creative artist. So when she asked me to do a “Spirit Bear” for her in glass how could I refuse? This bear took several hours to make. Its design is like a puzzle and each separate piece of glass was hand cut with my Taurus ring saw. I’ve now completed three “Spirit Bears” for my sister – each with a totally different design. Whew!! Gotta love your sister, no matter what!

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    Tulip Time

    OK – so the tulips aren’t quite up yet, but their stalks are showing. Spring is just right around the corner. I’ve been inspired from my class at Bullseye to start doing landscapes in glass. My first effort is going to be a field of tulips. In just about a month, or sooner, there will be beautiful tulips fields full of color in Mt. Vernon, WA. Now let’s see what I can do in glass!

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    Painting with Glass

    I just completed a wonderful learning experience at Bullseye Glass in Portland, Oregon. “Painting with Glass” was the class. The four day class was filled with information and experimentation in using various forms of glass to create images. We started with sheet glass that is then filled with layers of powdered glass, glass frit (shards of glass) and glass stringers (long spaghetti shaped glass). Our instructor, Louise Krampien, was very knowledgeable and provided hands on support and direction. I learned so much that my brain is buzzing. Now to play with all the glass I purchased!!

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    What inspires you?

    Colors just grab me and draw me in. Color designs in magazines, in fabrics, in the skies. So on a recent trip to Sayulita, Mexico I was inspired around every wonderful corner of this sleepy little town. I love the vibrant colors they blend together in everything they create – pottery, blankets, and paintings. Wait till you see the oil painting I purchased there. Talk about color!! So what inspires you?

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    Happy New Year

    I didn’t have to dream of a white Christmas. This is the view from my sister’s home in Colorado. We had a wonderful family Christmas with Mom, my sister and her husband. I am excited about an upcoming class at Bullseye, “Painting on Glass”. Could I create this beautiful picture with glass powders, frit and stringers? We’ll see!! Have a very Happy New Year!

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    Happy Holidays!

    What a way to start the holiday season!! A concert at Benaroya Hall in Seattle. And, of course, I could not help but take a picture of this dramatic glass art suspended in the lobby. A Chihuly? I’m betting it is. This is a busy time – holiday sales; preparing for the 2013 art show entries; exploring new ideas in glass. Hope your holidays are filled with fun, laughter, family and friends!

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    Fall in Glass

    I purchased this beautiful piece of art earlier this year at a show in Portland, OR. The artist is Ann Cavanaugh, www.anncavanaugh.com. Her landscapes done entirely in fused glass just capture you. They have such depth through the layering of the glass that you feel you could walk into them. Ann won “Best of Show” with a huge landscape in glass when I was in Oregon. I was very happy to take home this small piece of art which is proudly displayed in my studio.